He Touched Me

It had been a horrible day!  Recent circumstances in my life had caused my anxiety level to be off the chart before I went to work at the nursing home.  Once there I found out that a resident to whom I had become particularly close had died and it threw me into an emotional tailspin.  For days before his death I had struggled with visiting him as his condition so closely mirrored that of my father right before he died.  It was even the same time of year.  Old wounds were opened.  Now that I was told my friend had died and I was not there, it was still one more similarity between his death and my father’s.  The room began to swim and I felt like I was watching life instead of living it.  I literally fell to my knees and began to pray desperately for God to help me.  By His grace I somehow made it through the rest of the day at work.  After work I had a chiropractor’s appointment in Sandusky where my husband works.  Things had been busy for him lately and most evenings he was late getting home.  I called him on my way into the doctor’s to see how his day was going.  Once again he told me that he would be working late and didn’t know when he would be getting off.  He asked me to call him once I was done at the chiropractor’s and we would go plan our evening after that.  Still struggling, I went to my appointment and the subsequent therapy session afterwards then called my husband as soon as I got back in my car.  When he picked up he said, “Why don’t you follow me?”  I asked him where he was and he said he was right behind me.  Surprised, I turned to see him coming down the very street I was on!  What were the odds of him driving by exactly as I was coming out from my appointment?  Expecting him to just drive home after a tiring day I said I would follow him and hung up.  Instead of going home, he immediately pulled into the parking lot across the street from the doctor’s office and stopped.  Then he came over to my car, pulled me out and gave me a great big hug.  It was just exactly what I needed!  At that very moment I knew that it was not just my husband hugging me but God.  My husband did not know about my day but God, with His perfect timing, chose to use him to show me His love.   Then to my further delight my husband offered to take me out to dinner.  I could feel the anxiety melt away as he hugged me once again.  God often uses other people to show me His love.  I am thankful for my husband who is always so open to His leading.

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  • Timoteo

    God´s choices are the best choices.The husband we have is the best husband for us. The wife we have is the best wife for us, even though sometimes we cannot understand it.However, we always have to rely on the Word of God to think right.We must think the eternal word of God and never rely on fleeting emotions and circunstances.We have to deal with our deepest thoughts and have the real foundation which is the Living Christ Jesus who is the Eternal Word of God.

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